To our international Friends

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Dear International Friends, Printmakers All Over the World,

We never thought that it might be harder times than those we went through during the COVID-Pandemic, but unfortunately, such times arrived and are now knocking at our doors.
That is why we want to ask you for any possible support, any amount is not too small, and will help us in order to survive this economical and energy crisis in Poland.
We promise you that as we made the International Print Triennial in 2021 after the Pandemic, we will also organize one in 2024. In fact, we have already started our preparation and we would love to announce it to you all in January 2023.
So if you feel that this event is important to you, that it means enough to you and you want it to survive, please donate in order to make it last.
In exchange, we promise you to organize the edition of the International Print Triennial in 2024.
We do believe that there are many of you for whom the International Print Triennial is important enough to make it live forever!
President of the Executive Board of the International Print Triennial and Your Humble Servant
Marta Anna Raczek-Karcz

You may give donations in way of the below-listed ways:
Through the bank account
Santander Bank Polska S.A., ul. Karmelicka 9, 31-128 Kraków

PL 93 1090 2053 0000 0001 1859 7530


via PayPal
e-mail address for payments via PayPal:

PAYMENT TITLE: Support of the statutory activity of SMTG in Krakow

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