Dear Graphic Artists

The new edition of the International Print Triennial in Krakow is organized at a special time for the whole world. Operating in the shadow of the pandemic, on the one hand, we tried to adapt the procedures to the challenges related to pandemic, and on the other hand, we decided that its presence can be a good point of reference to look at the reality in which we live. Therefore, the call for applications and the meeting of the International Jury will take place in the current edition of MTG in electronic form, because we want to avoid any turmoil related to restrictions appearing in various parts of the world, which often prevent travel or using courier companies.

Simultaneously, the time of the pandemic prompted us to reflect on possible scenarios for the future, hence the title of the competition and of the Main Exhibition itself, which we proposed, sounds

Dissonant Futures.

We hope that the areas of reflection we present in the ‘Guidelines for the Main Exhibition MTG 2021’ will turn out to be not only inspiring, but also consistent with the topics that you have undertaken in your work in recent years. We are convinced that it is the Artists who are both “sensitive narrators” and “sensitive observers” of the reality that surrounds us, and their observations find expression in the works they create.

Not wanting to limit you, we have abolished all size and quantitative restrictions, because we understand that an artistic idea does not always sound fully when its voice is limited by regulations.

We hope that our proposal will receive a wide response and we will enjoy the wonderful exhibition in summer 2021. At the same time, we believe that it will be an opportunity for direct meetings and important talks, which have always been the significant value of the Krakow event. 

Important dates of the MTG 2021 in Krakow

  1. Registration via the electronic Application Form ( 01/31/2021
  2. Announcement of the results by 03/31/2021
  3. Time for delivering of original works for the Main Exhibition: 01–30 April 2021
  4. The opening ceremony of the MTG 2021 Main Exhibition: 06/19/2021
  5. Main Exhibition MTG 2021: June 20–July 31, 2021


Appendix 1 Guidelines for the Main Exhibition

Appendix 2 Application form instruction

Appendix 3 and 4

Appendix 5 Declaration