If you are an artist.
If you think graphically.
If you wish to comment on reality.
If you create the present in an original way and you are able to express it visually – show
your works at transgraphia!
Graphic culture is the space where we function, making daily impact on our sensibility.
Its values and artistic qualities determine the quality of our lives and our ability to
experience beauty.
transgraphia is a space that wishes to take active part in this creative and educational
aspect of art. Diversity, freedom of thought, crossing the limits of perception – these are
the terms we wish to use when we talk about transgraphia.
We do not evaluate your artistic creation. We welcome works that cross the technical
boundaries of the canon and set new trends in printmaking, works where various media
and artistic techniques intermingle: traditional printmaking, commercial graphic design,
multimedia, animations, installations, mappings, comics, murals, tattoos, or graphic space
found in computer games.
transgraphia opens up a dialogue between different art circles and audiences. We do not
treat it as a space for confrontation or a race for prizes, but we wish to provide a meeting
ground for people manifesting their artistic independence. Art is a space of freedom and
cannot be subjected to ideological requirements or financial blackmail.
Thanks to the five decades of experience and our global renown, the International Print
Triennial Society in Krakow understands the need to create new space for presentation of
Polish graphic arts.
This is why we would like to make transgraphia a cyclical event dedicated to Polish

transgraphia is a combination of openness and professionally designed narrative display.
The submitted works will be considered in terms of their exceptionality, artistic quality,
openness to the dialogue with the present, and practical concerns of display.
The author of the most stimulating and significant work will be given an individual show
at the Centre Gallery of the International Centre for Graphic Arts in Krakow’s Main
Square, together with an exhibition catalogue. All information about the selection, jury
proceedings, organisation, and individual show is included in the transgraphia
Regulations. The exhibition is created by a group of jurors – specialists in a variety of
graphic arts, who will select works from those submitted. The jury members of the first
edition of transgraphia are:

The exhibition venue is the exceptional space of the former tobacco factory located in the city
centre, within a popular timeout location of Krakow citizens and visitors from all around the
world. We offer over 1000 square metres of open space in Dolnych Młynów Street. The first
edition of transgraphia will be followed by a catalogue and publications in the press, the
electronic media, and television.
transgraphia offers us a chance to bring to life the best traditions of artistic Krakow and leave
a permanent mark in the minds of the culture-oriented audiences.
Katarzyna Wojtyga