Józef Budka “The truth of the trace – different states of consciousness”

Józef Budka “The truth of the trace – different states of consciousness”
The opening of the exhibition on 13.01.2018at 18.00Exhibition 13.01-01.02.2018Rondo Gallery in Katowice

We invite you to the exhibition “The Truth of the Trail – Different States of Consciousness”. Józef Budka will present his own interpretation, in which poetry, painting and calligraphy will meet on one level of handmade paper. An in-depth analysis of oneof these fields of art leads to the understanding of the others – all grow from the same roots, mutually referring to each other.At the exhibition, we will see a rich set of lithographic works, lithographs and drawings that reveal the perfect knowledge of the workshop and its secrets. The artist uses it freely, mixing techniques and genres, disregarding the rules to  favour his own, in order to serve his artistic concept.In addition to lithography, the exhibition will feature numerous lithographs, where the artist replaces the expressive stylisation of the form of the performances, a vision full of metaphors so intriguing and untamed as to stimulate the imagination of the recipient to their own interpretation. India, Little Tibet, Ladakh valley, Dankhar principality – these places influenced the artist and revealed themselves in two cycles: “Mandalas” and “Chakras”.In the works of Józef Budka we will find many quotes taken from two extreme civilisations of east and west. Images of Renaissance women, elements of unsaid architecture and the Italian landscape covered or supplemented with rubs of falling plaster or peeling paint, smoothly give way to a dead nature, taken directly from Hedy, Zurban or Cotan. Accuracy of metaphor and grace of artistic means by which the artist can change the object and space into shape, form and sign, not forgetting the message enriched with symbolic or allusive meanings of objects and situations, complement the works.Fascinated by Chinese calligraphy, the author made 40 banners on rice paper. In the pursuit of perfection and practicing the hand trace, he changes the “Sign” into his own unique “Trace”. Thus, it reveals a great respect for the tradition of many centuries and admiration for the culture of the state of the measure. This fascination with “Trace” allows the artist to go a step further. 

Sybilla Skałuba

The exhibition is a part of Accompanying Programme of International Print Triennial – Krakow 2018